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Come and discover what The Old Dairy Catering Company is about. Join us for lunch, a look round the farm, and a chat about your event.

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The Old Dairy Catering Company is the new outside catering company for Chris Onions' Old Dairy Kitchen at Trill Farm.

The Old Dairy Kitchen was founded at Trill Farm in East Devon with a clear vision about what constitutes good food. We believe in using ingredients in season, reared with respect and in an unhurried fashion, not just because there is a moral argument but because food tastes better this way. We have a genuine commitment to using the best local ingredients and because we know the farmers, smallholders and growers that supply us, we can show you where your food was grown. Now we want to bring that ethos to your event with The Old Dairy Catering Company.

Ingredients are organic as much as possible though sometimes they arrive from the hedgerow round the corner or from our neighbour’s back garden. This approach does set some seasonal restrictions on what ingredients we have to work with but we believe these restrictions push us creatively and ensure we are certain of our ingredients’ provenance. Only then do we feel we can cook the food we want to eat and share with our guests.
— Chris Onions
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We are fortunate to be situated on the border of Devon and Dorset, two miles from the coast at Lyme Regis. This means we have fantastic ingredients all year round from the land and the sea.

We cook with the seasons. That means we are eating ingredients at their peak and at their freshest. We also preserve using traditional methods learnt from around the globe - fermenting, pickling, smoking and curing to enhance foods and extend their use through the year.

Our home is Trill Farm, an organic farm, education centre and community of small enterprises including Trill Farm Garden, who supply our vegetables and salads, and Wessex Conservation Grazing, who supply beef and lamb. Other local suppliers include Haye Farm, Bottle Farm and West Country Catch.

The benign climate here means we are also close to some wonderful vineyards including Castlewood and Furleigh Estate, as well as the Gyle 59 brewery and cider from Burrow Hill and Perry's.

We have excellent relationships with other local businesses who we can recommend, including Rochesters Event Hire.

the team

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Chris is a classically trained chef from Islay, Scotland and has worked in Michelin-starred kitchens around the globe. Before setting up The Old Dairy Kitchen, Chris spent three years in Sweden, followed by a stint as sous chef and tutor at Trill’s neighbouring farm, River Cottage HQ, .


Hugo trained at Leith's School and has spent twenty years working around the world as a chef and as an advisor to food businesses. His London and Cotswolds event catering business, Berwyn Events has worked with blue chip companies for more than ten years.


Anna runs the front of house for Old Dairy Catering Company events and has hosted events at the Old Dairy Kitchen since 2016. She also runs her own organic herb business from Haye Farm and has a deep understanding of our farm to fork philosophy.